Specifying a segment of a file to play repeatedly (A-B repeat)

You can specify the starting point A and the finishing point B in a file to play the segment between the specified points repeatedly.

  1. While playback is on standby or in progress, pressiG060A-B to specify the starting point A.
    A-B B?” is displayed.
  2. PressiG060A-B again to specify the finishing point B.
    iG060A-B” is displayed and the specified segment plays repeatedly.


  • If you specify the starting point A and then specify the same point as the finishing point B while playback is on standby, the specified starting point A will be cancelled.
  • You cannot turn on the button-hold repeat playback function while the A-B repeat playback function is active.


  • To turn off the A-B repeat playback function and resume the normal playback, pressiG060A-B again.

  • To change the segment specified for the A-B repeat playback function, resume the normal playback and then repeat steps 1 and 2 once again.