Placing the IC recorder into the HOLD state (HOLD)

You can disable all the buttons (HOLD) on your IC recorder in order to prevent unintentional operations while you carry around the IC recorder.

  1. Slide the HOLD•POWER switch to “HOLD.”

    While the IC recorder is turned on, sliding the HOLD•POWER switch to “HOLD” displays “HOLD” and the current time for approximately 3 seconds on the display window, indicating that all the buttons are disabled.


  • Placing your IC recorder into the HOLD state disables all the buttons. Be sure to release it from the HOLD state before you use the IC recorder again.

  • The clock may tell the time either in 12-Hour format with “AM” or “PM” or in the 24-Hour format, depending on the selected clock display format (Time Display) on the Settings menu. In addition, the default clock display format depends on the country or region of your purchase.