Inserting batteries

  1. Insert batteries.

    Slide and lift the battery compartment lid in the direction of arrow, insert the supplied LR03 (size AAA) alkaline batteries with the correct polarity, and then close the lid.


  • Before replacing batteries, be sure to turn off your IC recorder.

  • When replacing batteries, be sure to use two brand-new alkaline batteries or two fully charged rechargeable batteries.

  • Your IC recorder is not capable of charging rechargeable batteries. Use the battery charger (not supplied) for battery charging.


  • Your IC recorder supports the following: (*)

    • LR03 (size AAA) alkaline battery (Two batteries are supplied with your IC recorder.)

    • Rechargeable battery (not supplied): NH-AAA-B2KN, NH-AAA-B2GN

    • Battery charger (not supplied): BCG-34HS2GN, BCG-34HW2GN

    * Depending on the country or region of your purchase, some of the models or optional accessories are not available.