While the recording information is displayed

You can view the recording information of your IC recorder, including the remaining recording time, the memory storage for recorded files, and the folder setting.

To display the recording information, while recording is on standby, select “REC Information” on the OPTION menu, and then press.

The following recording information is available:

Available Rec. Time:
Remaining time available for recording.
Recording Memory:
Memory storage (“Built-In Memory” or “SD Card”) for recorded files.
Recording Folder:
Storage folder for recorded files.
Scene Select:
Recording scene currently selected.
If the default settings for the Scene Select function are modified, “*” will appear to the left of the recording scene.
For information about the default settings, see Default settings for the recording scenes of the Scene Select function.
REC Mode:
Recording mode currently selected.
Audio input type currently selected.
Mic Sensitivity:
Sensitivity level of the microphones currently selected.
Focused” or “Wide” recording function currently selected.
Recording Filter:
Recording filter currently selected.
VOR (Voice Operated Recording) setting currently selected.
Auto Track Marks:
Automatic track mark setting currently selected.


  • While recording is on standby, you can press souni_stopSTOP to view the recording information of your IC recorder.