LA-EA1/LA-EA3 Mount Adaptor

If you use the LA-EA1 Mount Adaptor (sold separately) or LA-EA3 Mount Adaptor (sold separately), the following functions are available.

Full frame shooting:

LA-EA1: Not available

LA-EA3: Available with full frame shooting-compatible lenses only

Available with SAM/SSM lens only

AF system:
Phase Detection AF/Contrast AF

AF/MF select:
Can be changed using the operating switch on the lens.

Focus Mode:
Single-shot AF/Continuous AF*

*This setting is unavailable when [AF System] is set to [Contrast AF].

  • When using a Mount Adaptor and the camera is set to movie mode, the Auto Focus only works when the shutter button is pressed halfway down or when the [AF On] function is active.
  • When using a Mount Adaptor in movie mode, adjust the aperture manually.

Available focus area:

When [AF System] is set to [Phase Detection AF]:
[Wide]/[Center]/[Flexible Spot]

  • All types of focus area are available when the camera's system software (firmware) version is 2.00 or later.

When [AF System] is set to [Contrast AF]:
[Wide]/[Zone]/[Center]/[Flexible Spot]/[Expand Flexible Spot]