External Flash Set.

You can configure the settings of a flash (sold separately) attached to the camera using the monitor and control wheel of the camera.

This function can be used when the camera’s system software (firmware) is Ver. 3.10 or later. Also, update the software of your flash to the latest version before using this function.

For details on flash functions, refer to the instruction manual for the flash.

  1. Attach the flash (sold separately) to the Multi Interface Shoe of the camera, and then turn on the camera and the flash.
  2. MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [External Flash Set.] → desired setting item.
  3. Configure the setting using the control wheel of the camera.

Menu item details

Ext. Flash Firing Set.:
Allows you to configure settings related to the firing of the flash, such as the flash mode, flash level, etc.
Ext. Flash Cust. Set.:
Allows you to configure other flash settings, wireless settings, and flash unit settings.


  • If you assign the [Ext. Flash Firing Set.] function to a key in advance by selecting MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Custom Key], you can call up the [Ext. Flash Firing Set.] screen simply by pressing that key.
  • You can adjust settings by operating the flash even while you are using [External Flash Set.].
  • You can also configure the settings for a Wireless Radio Commander (sold separately) attached to the camera.


  • You can only use [External Flash Set.] to configure the settings of a flash (sold separately) or Wireless Radio Commander (sold separately) manufactured by Sony and attached to the Multi Interface Shoe of the camera.
  • You can only use [External Flash Set.] when the flash is attached directly to the camera. You cannot use this function when shooting with an off-camera flash that is connected using a cable.
  • Only some of the functions of the attached flash are configurable using [External Flash Set.]. You cannot perform pairing with other flashes, reset the flash, initialize the flash, etc. via [External Flash Set.].
  • [External Flash Set.] is unavailable under the following conditions:
    • When the flash is not attached to the camera
    • When a flash that does not support [External Flash Set.] is attached
    • When the mode dial is set to (Movie) or , or during movie shooting

    Also, [External Flash Set.] may be unavailable depending on the state of the flash.

  • For details on flashes and Wireless Radio Commanders that are compatible with this function, refer to the following support page.