Low sound quality

  • Turn down the volume of the connected device if it is too loud.
  • Keep the headset away from microwave ovens, Wi-Fi devices, etc.
  • Bring the headset closer to the Bluetooth device. Remove any obstacles between the headset and the Bluetooth device.
  • Keep the headset away from a TV.
  • Switch the Bluetooth connection to A2DP by operating the Bluetooth device when HFP or HSP is set.
  • If you connect a device with a built-in radio or tuner to the headset, broadcasts may not be received or the sensitivity may be reduced. Move the headset away from the connected device and try again.
  • If you have previously connected the headset to this Bluetooth device, only an HFP/HSP Bluetooth connection may be established when the headset is turned on. Use the Bluetooth device to connect via an A2DP Bluetooth connection.
  • When listening to music from a computer on the headset, the sound quality may be poor (e.g., difficult to hear the singer's voice, etc.) for the first few seconds after a connection is established.
    This is due to the computer specifications (prioritizes communication at the start of transmission and then switches to prioritizing audio quality several seconds later) and is not a headset malfunction. If the sound quality does not improve after a few seconds, lightly double-tap the touch sensor control panel of the headset (about 0.4-second intervals). Or you can use the computer to establish an A2DP connection. For the operations on your computer, refer to the operating instructions supplied with your computer.