Listening to ambient sound during music playback (Ambient Sound Mode)

You can hear ambient sound through the microphones embedded in the left/right units of the headset while enjoying music.

To activate the Ambient Sound Mode

Press the NC/AMBIENT button while the noise canceling function is on.

To change the setting of the Ambient Sound Mode

You can set up the Ambient Sound Mode by connecting the smartphone (with the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app installed) and the headset via the Bluetooth function.

Voice focus: While enjoying music, you can pick up the sounds (such as announcements on the train) that you want to hear.

To deactivate the Ambient Sound Mode

Press the NC/AMBIENT button repeatedly until the Ambient Sound Mode is turned off.

Each time the button is pressed, the function switches as follows and is announced by the voice guidance.

The noise canceling function/Ambient Sound Mode: OFF

The noise canceling function: ON/Ambient Sound Mode: OFF

The Ambient Sound Mode: ON


  • Depending on the ambient condition and the type/volume of audio playback, the ambient sound may not be heard even when using the Ambient Sound Mode. Do not use the headset in places where it would be dangerous if you are unable to hear ambient sounds such as on a road with car and bicycle traffic.
  • If the headset is not worn properly, the Ambient Sound Mode may not work correctly. Wear the headset properly.
  • You can also change the settings of the noise canceling function and the Ambient Sound Mode with the "Sony | Headphones Connect" app.
  • Ambient Sound Mode settings changed with the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app are stored in the headset. You can enjoy music with the stored settings of the Ambient Sound Mode even when the headset is connected to other devices which do not have the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app installed.


  • Depending on the surrounding environment, wind noise may increase when the Ambient Sound Mode is turned on. In that case, cancel the voice focus with the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app. If the wind noise is still significant, turn off the Ambient Sound Mode.