Taking a screenshot

You can capture still images of any screen on your device as a screenshot. After you take a screenshot, you can view, edit, and share the image. Screenshots you take are automatically saved in your device’s internal storage.
  1. Press the volume down key (A) and power key (B) at the same time.

    Diagram of front view showing the power key and volume down key. Right side, from top to bottom, A and B.


  • You can assign taking screenshots to a gesture on the Side sense bar. To take a screenshot using the Side sense bar, find and tap [Settings] > [Display] > [Side sense] > [Gestures], select a gesture from among [Double-tap], [Slide up], and [Slide down], and then tap [Take screenshot].

To take a screenshot of a recently used app

  1. Tap (Overview button) in the navigation bar.

    Image showing the position of the overview button in the lower right area.

  2. Swipe left or right to select the app of which you want to take a screenshot, and then tap [Screenshot].

    Image showing where to swipe to select the app of which you want to take a screenshot and the position of the Screenshot button