Screen settings

You can change the screen’s behavior, brightness, viewing size, and quality. You can also adjust the image quality of photos and videos.
  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Display].
  2. Tap the setting you want to change.
    Use the sliders, tap the switches, or select options to adjust.

Main screen settings

  • Image quality settings: Adjust the quality of photos and videos as displayed on your device.

  • White balance: Tap the [Set manually] switch to enable changes to the setting, and then select one of the preset settings. You can also use the sliders to adjust the white balance.

  • High refresh rate: Set the refresh rate to 120 Hz for a smoother display.

  • Brightness level: Adjust the brightness level with the slider. You can also enable [Adaptive brightness] to automatically optimize brightness based on surrounding light.

  • Dark theme: You can display the screen with a dark background.

  • Auto-rotate screen: Set the screen to rotate automatically when the device is turned, or set it to stay in portrait view.

  • Night Light: [Night Light] switches the color of the screen to amber. This makes it easier to view the screen in a darker setting, and also makes it easier to fall asleep.

  • Prevent accidental operations with screen off: You can prevent your device from being activated by mistake while placed in a pocket or a bag.


  • When the STAMINA mode is turned on, [High refresh rate] cannot be used.
  • Avoid displaying very bright or static images for a long period of time. This may cause an afterimage or coloring to remain on the screen.


  • [Video image enhancement] is available only for certain applications.
  • Even if the Auto-rotate screen function is disabled, you can rotate the screen manually by tapping (Rotate icon) in the navigation bar.