Camera overview

Images showing where each function is located on the camera screen in the landscape orientation. Upper left area, 1 to 4. Upper side of the device, 5 and 6. Right area 7 to 13. Lower left area, 14 to 17.

  1. Tap to adjust color and brightness
  2. Switch between the front and main camera
  3. Camera settings
  4. Geotagging status
  5. Use the volume keys to zoom in or out
  6. Use the camera key to activate the camera, take photos or record videos
  7. Tap the thumbnail to view, share, or edit photos and videos
  8. Switch between taking photos and videos
  9. Use the shutter button to take photos or record videos
  10. Go back or exit the camera
  11. Select a capturing mode
  12. Shortcut to the capturing mode last selected
  13. Tap one of the angle buttons to switch lenses
  14. Select an aspect ratio
  15. Tap to adjust the Bokeh effect
  16. Select a flash setting. The icon color changes when the flash or flashlight activates.
  17. Front camera lens