Controlling data usage

You can keep track of the amount of data transferred to and from your device over your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection during a given period. For example, you can view the amount of data used by individual applications. For data transferred over your mobile data connection, you can also set data usage warnings and limits to avoid additional charges.

Helping reduce data usage

  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Network & internet] > [Data Saver].
  2. Tap the switch to enable the function.

Setting a data usage warning or a mobile data limit

  1. Make sure that mobile data traffic is turned on.
  2. Find and tap [Settings] > [Network & internet] > [Mobile network] > [App data usage] > (Settings icon).
  3. Depending on whether you want to set a data warning or a data limit, proceed as follows.
    • To set a data usage warning, tap the [Set data warning] switch to enable the function, and then tap [Data warning] to change the warning level.
    • To set a mobile data limit, tap the [Set data limit] switch to enable the function, and then tap [Data limit] to change the data usage limit.


  • You can set the date when the usage cycle resets. Under [Data warning & limit], tap [App data usage cycle], and then set the reset date.


  • Once your mobile data usage reaches the set limit, mobile data traffic on your device gets turned off automatically.

Checking your data usage

  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Network & internet].
  2. Depending on whether you want to check mobile data usage or Wi-Fi data usage, proceed as follows.
    • To check mobile data usage, tap [Mobile network] > [App data usage].
    • To check Wi-Fi data usage, tap [Wi‑Fi] > [Wi‑Fi data usage].

Controlling the data usage of individual applications

  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Apps & notifications].
  2. Tap the application that you want to control, and then tap [Mobile data & Wi‑Fi].
  3. Edit the options as desired.


  • The performance of individual applications may be affected if you change the related data usage settings.