One-handed mode

Enable One-handed mode to adjust the display size so you can type with one hand more easily.
  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Display] > [Advanced] > [One-handed mode].
  2. Tap the [One-handed mode] switch to enable or disable the function.
  3. To shrink the screen, double-tap (Home button).
    To exit One-handed mode, double-tap (Home button) again or tap an empty area on the screen.

To adjust the position of the screen

  • To move the screen to the left side or to the right side: tap (Left arrow icon) or (Right arrow icon) accordingly.

  • To move the screen upwards or downwards: drag the horizontal stripes at the edge of the resized screen.

  • To resize the screen: drag (Resize screen icon) at the edge of the resized screen.


  • You can shrink the screen by using the Side sense menu.