Turning the Bluetooth function on or off

Use the Bluetooth function to send files to other Bluetooth compatible devices, or to connect to handsfree accessories. Bluetooth connections work better within 10 meters (33 feet), with no solid objects in between. Pairing is necessary to connect to other Bluetooth devices.
  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Device connection] > [Connection preferences].
  2. Tap [Bluetooth].
  3. Tap the switch to enable or disable the function.


  • You can also turn Bluetooth on or off from the Quick settings panel.


  • Your device cannot connect wirelessly to all types of Bluetooth devices. Sony does not guarantee that all Bluetooth devices are compatible with your device.
  • To secure Bluetooth communications, your device supports a security function compliant with Bluetooth standards. However, security may be insufficient depending on the settings, etc. Be aware of security risks when using the Bluetooth function.
  • Please note that Sony is not responsible for any data leakage that might occur when communicating via the Bluetooth connection.