Using Game enhancer while playing

You can customize various settings while playing a game.
  1. While playing a game, tap (Floating icon).
  2. In the menu that opens, tap and configure the desired settings.

    Image of the Game enhancer menu.

    • [Game mode]: Select an option to optimize your device for gaming from among [Performance preferred], [Balanced], and [Battery life preferred]. You can also set the following items.
      • [Optimize touch area]: Restrict the touch area in the landscape mode.
      • [Optimize V.C. microphone]: Improve the microphone sound quality when voice-chatting while using a headset with a built-in mic connected to the 3.5 mm audio jack of your device, such as a gaming headset.
      • [H.S. power control]: Limit reductions in performance and degradation of the battery caused by the device overheating during charging.
      • [Custom] > (Settings icon): Customize the settings. Tap [Preview] to customize settings while testing out the actual game controls. You can also drag and move the setting window to the desired position.
    • [Focus settings]: Focus on your game by blocking all notifications, incoming calls, the camera key, and other settings that may compromise gameplay.
    • [Menu type]: Switch the menu type to (Pull-down bar) or (Floating icon).
    • [Search]: Search for strategy information while playing a game.
    • [Screenshot]: Take a screenshot. You can also take a burst of screenshots and capture a decisive moment in a game.
    • [Record]: Record and share your gameplay, face, and commentary.


  • You can drag and move (Floating icon) to the desired position, such as the edge of the screen.
  • The STAMINA mode is turned off while you use the Game enhancer app. If you want to give priority to the battery life, set [Game mode] to [Battery life preferred].