Launching Photo Pro (Photography Pro)

Photo Pro has an interface designed to meet the demands of professional photographers. You can take optimal photos with professional technology.
  1. Find and tap (Photo Pro icon).

Photo Pro standby screen

Image showing where each parameter is located on the Photo Pro standby screen. Center area, 1 and 2. Right area from top to bottom, 3 to 6. Bottom area, 7 and 8. Left area from bottom to top, 9 to 13.

  1. Data storage icon/Amount of free space/Aspect ratio/File format

    The scene icon or condition icon is also displayed when the AUTO mode is selected.

  2. Battery status

  3. Dial

    • Adjust the exposure value when the P mode is selected.
    • Adjust the shutter speed when the S mode or M mode is selected.
  4. Tap to lock the focus.

    The button turns orange when the focus is locked. Tap the button again to unlock the focus.

  5. Tap to lock the exposure.

    The button turns orange when the exposure is locked. Tap the button again to unlock the exposure.

  6. Setting icons

    Tap to adjust settings.

    (Drive mode)/ (Focus mode)/ (Focus area)/ (Exposure)/ISO (ISO)/ (Metering mode)/ (Flash mode)/AWB (White balance)/ (Face/Eye AF)/RAW (File format)/ (Aspect ratio)

    The settings depend on the mode or lens selected.

  7. Tap to lock the items on the left side of the viewfinder and the setting icons, and prevent accidental operations.

  8. Focus indicator/exposure settings

    (Auto focus icon) indicates that the subject is in focus.

    (AE lock icon) indicates that the exposure is locked.

  9. Tap the thumbnail to view, share, or edit photos.

    Tap (Back button) to return to the Photo Pro standby screen.

  10. Tap to switch lenses.

    To use the zoom, tap (Open zoom dial icon), pinch in or out on the viewfinder, or use the volume key.

  11. Tap to show or hide information displayed on the viewfinder.

  12. Tap to adjust more detailed settings.

  13. Tap to switch the shooting mode.