Receiving items using Bluetooth technology

Use Bluetooth technology to share items with other Bluetooth compatible devices such as phones or computers. You can receive the following kinds of items:

  • Photos and videos
  • Music and other audio files
  • Web pages

Make sure that the Bluetooth function is on and is visible to other Bluetooth devices.

  1. On the transmitting device, send the data to your device.
  2. When you are notified of an incoming file to your device, drag the status bar downwards and tap the notification to accept the file transfer.
  3. Tap [Accept] to start the file transfer.
  4. To view the progress of the transfer, drag the status bar downwards.
  5. To open a received item, drag the status bar downwards and tap the relevant notification.

To view files you have received using the Bluetooth connection

  1. Find and tap [Settings] > [Device connection] > [Connection preferences].
  2. Tap [Files received via Bluetooth].