Taking a photo or recording a video

This section explains basic camera operations.


  • Make sure the lens is clean. A fingerprint or a little dirt can diminish photo quality.
  • Use the self-timer when you need extra time to prepare, or to avoid blurred photos.
  • Check your device’s memory status often. High-resolution photos and videos consume more memory.


  • Note that some functions may not be available depending on the settings.

  1. Launch the camera.
    • Press the camera key fully down, swipe (Camera icon) from the lock screen, or tap (Camera icon) from the Application screen.
    • Press the power key twice. Find and tap [Settings] > [System] > [Gestures] > [Jump to camera], and then tap the switch to enable this function.
  2. Swipe the screen to select a photo or video mode.
  3. Press the camera key or tap the shutter button.

Shutter button

The shutter button is used differently depending on the capturing mode and activated features.

  • (Capture button): Take a photo

  • (Start button): Record a video/Resume recording

  • (Pause button): Pause a video

  • (Stop button): Stop recording a video

  • (Self-timer on icon): Self-timer is activated

  • (Touch capture on icon): Touch capture is activated

  • (Touch capture and Self-timer on icon): Touch capture and Self-timer are activated