Connecting your device to USB accessories

You can use a USB host adapter to connect your device to USB accessories, such as USB mass storage devices, headphones, game controllers, USB keyboards, and USB mice.

Image of the window that appears when you connect the phone to a computer via USB

  1. Connect a USB cable to your device.
  2. Drag down the status bar, and then tap [Android System] next to (USB icon).
  3. Tap [Tap for more options.], and then select an option.

USB Preferences

  • USB controlled by: You can choose which device controls the other, your device, or the USB-connected device.
  • Use USB for: You can choose the purpose of the USB connection.
    • File Transfer: Manage files or update the device software. This option is used with Microsoft® Windows® computers. Charging is enabled by default.
    • USB tethering: Your device can function as a tethering device.
    • MIDI: Your device can function as the MIDI input for musical instrument applications.
    • No data transfer: Just charge your device when [USB controlled by] is set to [This device]. When [USB controlled by] is set to [Connected device], you can use your device as a power supply and charge the other connected device.


  • Sony does not guarantee that all USB accessories are supported by your device.
  • This device has a capless USB port. If your device gets exposed to water, ensure that the port is completely dry before connecting a USB cable.