Setting the right focus

The Camera app automatically focuses on and detects people eyes or faces. When a face is in the shot, the camera automatically detects and focuses on one of the eyes with a green frame (eye AF feature). If you tap (Eye AF icon) while focusing on an eye, the camera switches its focus to the face(s).


  • The eye AF feature is available only when using the main camera.

Image of setting the focus on an eye.

Focusing automatically

  1. While using the main camera, tap the area where you want to focus.
    (Set focus icon) appears and the camera focuses on the tapped area.
    To change the focus area, tap the screen.
    To lock the focus, press the camera key halfway down. The color of the circular frame changes.
  2. Press the camera key or tap the shutter button to take a photo.


  • This option depends on the capturing mode selected.