Switching the earbuds

(Only for models supplied with earbuds)

To enjoy better sound quality, select earbuds with the appropriate size for each ear.

  1. Detach the earbuds from the headphones.

    Hold the headphones, and then twist and pull the earbuds.

    If the earbuds are slippery, wrap them in a soft dry cloth.

  2. Attach new earbuds to the headphones.

    Push the earbuds firmly onto the headphones. Align the ends of the earbuds () with on the headphones.

    Otherwise, the earbuds may detach and get stuck in your ears.


  • When the earbuds become worn, purchase new ones.
  • If the earbuds get dirty, remove them from the headphones. Then, hand-wash the earbuds with a neutral detergent. After washing, drain off the water and reattach the earbuds.

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