Sound quality setting screens

You can adjust various sound quality settings.

To display the sound quality setting screen

Flick the playback screen up.

To navigate the sound quality setting screens

Flick the screen left or right to select the sound quality setting that you want to adjust.

Adjustable sound quality settings

  • Equalizer
  • DC Phase Linearizer
  • VPT (Surround)
  • Dynamic Normalizer

  1. Name of the sound quality setting

  2. [ClearAudio+TM] switch

    You can turn the [ClearAudio+] function on or off.

  3. Page indicator

    The number of dots represents the number of available pages. Flick the screen to the left or right to switch to a different page.


  • You can flick any of the sound quality setting screens down to return to the playback screen.

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