Playback screen

You can control playback operations from the playback screen. You can also configure various settings for playback.

To display the playback screen

Tap at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Cover art
  2. Track number / Total numbers of tracks
  3. Elapsed time of the current track
  4. Timeline bar
  5. Track title / Artist name / Album title
  6. Lyrics icon
  7. Previous button / Play (Pause) button / Next button
  8. Length of the track
  9. Hi-Resolution Audio icon


  • Drag the timeline bar to change the playback position in a track.


  • The elapsed time and timeline bar indications may not be accurate.
  • The Walkman may not display cover art depending on the file format.

Option/setting menu

Tap to display the menu.

Available menu items may differ depending on the screen or settings.

Scroll through the menu dialog to display the items listed below.

Settings Select the item to display the Settings menu.
Repeat Select the item to repeat the current track.
Shuffle Select the item to play tracks in random order.
Add to Bookmark List Select the item to add the current track to a bookmark list.
Add to Playlist Select the item to add the current track to a playlist.
Detailed Song Information Select the item to display the details of the current track.
Display Lyrics Select the item to display the lyrics of the current track.
View Help Select the item to view the operating guide.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.