Using [SensMe™ Channels]

The [SensMe™ Channels] function automatically groups tracks by theme. You can play tracks to suit your mood, current activity, the time of day, and more.

To use the [SensMe™ Channels] function on the Walkman, tracks must be analyzed by Media Go before you transfer the tracks. For details on operation, search [SensMe™ Channels] in the online help information for Media Go.

  1. On the library screen, tap [SensMe™ Channels].


  • [SensMe™ Channels] implements the following technologies developed by Sony.

    • 12 TONE ANALYSIS on the Walkman using Low-Complexity Music Information Retrieval (LCMIR) technology
    • Music file transfer from software and devices that support the 12 TONE ANALYSIS technology
  • When you open a channel using the [SensMe™ Channels] function or switch to a different channel, the track is played starting from the most melodic or rhythmical section.
  • Tracks are played in random order. Each time you select a channel, the order of playback will be different.


  • The Walkman only displays channels that contain tracks.

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