Using the language study function

The language study function provides the following useful functions for language learning.

  • DPC (Digital Pitch Control)
  • A-B Repeat
  • Quick Replay

You need to transfer tracks to the [LEARNING] folder on the Walkman before using the language study function.

  1. On the library screen, tap .
    The Walkman will switch to the language study function. Then, the library screen for the language study function will appear.
  2. Select a category and subcategories until a track list appears, and then select a track.
    Playback will start.

Useful functions for playback

DPC (Digital Pitch Control)

You can change the playback speed.

A-B Repeat

  • Tap [A] to set a start point. Then, tap [B] to set an end point.

    The Walkman will play the section from [A] to [B] repeatedly.

  • Tap to go back to the point [A].
  • Tap to jump to the next track. A-B Repeat function will be off.
  • If you want to listen to the whole track, tap .

Quick Replay

You can jump 10 seconds back, 3 seconds back, or 5 seconds ahead in the track.

To go back to the music playback function

Tap at the top left of the library screen.


  • There needs to be at least one second between the start point (A) and the end point (B) for the A-B Repeat function.
  • High-Resolution Audio files will be converted to PCM format.

The contents of the Help Guide may be subject to change without notice due to updates to the product's specifications.