Using flash

In dark environments, use the flash to light up the subject while shooting. Also use the flash to prevent camera-shake.

  1. Press the (Flash pop-up) button to pop up the flash.
    • The flash does not pop up automatically.

  2. Press the shutter button fully down.
    • The available flash modes depend on the shooting mode and function.

When you do not use the flash

When not using the flash, press it back into the camera body.


  • The light of the flash may be blocked if the lens hood is attached and the lower part of a recorded image may be shaded. Remove the lens hood.
  • If you fire the flash before the flash unit pops up entirely, it may cause malfunction.
  • You cannot use the flash when recording movies. (You can use an LED light when using a flash (sold separately) with an LED light.)
  • When an external flash (sold separately) is attached to the Multi Interface Shoe, the state of the external flash has priority over the flash setting of this product. You cannot use the internal flash of this product.
  • Before attaching/removing an accessory such as a flash to/from the Multi Interface Shoe, turn off the product first. When attaching an accessory, make sure that the accessory is fixed securely to the product.
  • Do not use the Multi Interface Shoe with a commercially available flash that applies voltage of 250 V or more or has the reverse polarity of the camera. Doing so may cause a malfunction.
  • When shooting with the flash and the zoom is set to W, the shadow of the lens may appear on the screen, depending on the shooting conditions. If this happens, shoot away from the subject or set the zoom to T and shoot with the flash again.
  • When shooting with an external flash, light and dark stripes may appear on the image if the shutter speed is set to faster than 1/4000 seconds. If this occurs, Sony recommends shooting in the manual flash mode and setting the flash level to 1/2 or higher.
  • For details on compatible accessories for the Multi Interface Shoe, visit the Sony website, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.