Adjusting the playback speed – the DPC (Digital Pitch Control) function

You can adjust the playback speed in a range from 0.25 times to 3.00 times. Changing the playback speed does not affect the playback audio. Files will play in natural tones, thanks to digital processing.

You can also change the playback speed while your IC recorder is in the transcription playback mode.

Operate the remote control and follow the steps below:

  1. While playback is on standby or in progress, press/DPC (Digital Pitch Control) on the remote control.
    The DPC setting screen is displayed.

  2. Pressorto select “Set Speed,” and then press.
  3. Pressorto adjust the playback speed and then press.

    The speed decreases by 0.05 times (from x 0.25 to x 1.00).

    The speed increases by 0.10 times (from x 1.00 to x 3.00).

    The playback speed is set to “x 1.00” by default.

    When you select a playback speed, the DPC function is turned on.


  • To resume the normal playback speed, select “OFF” in step 2.