The Sound Organizer 2 window (for Windows only)

  1. Help

    Displays the help of Sound Organizer 2. For details on operations, refer to respective help topics.

  2. The file list of Sound Organizer 2 (My Library)

    Displays a list of files included in My Library of Sound Organizer 2 in accordance with a particular operation.

    Recording Files: Displays a list of recording files.

    Files that you recorded with your IC recorder appear in this library when they are imported.

    Music: Displays a list of music files.

    Songs that you imported from music CDs appear in this library.

  3. The file list of the IC recorder

    Displays the files stored on the connected IC recorder's built-in memory.

  4. Edit Mode button

    Displays the edit area where you can edit a file.

  5. Quick Operation Guide button

    Displays the Quick Operation Guide to walk you through the basic features of Sound Organizer 2.

  6. Sidebar (Import/Transfer)

    IC Recorder: Displays the transfer window. A list of files on a connected device appears.

    Import CD: Displays the window for importing the contents of a music CD.

    Burn CD/DVD: Displays the window for burning a disc.

  7. Transfer buttons

    : Transfers the files from Sound Organizer 2 to the connected IC recorder's built-in memory.

    : Imports the files from the connected IC recorder's built-in memory to My Library of Sound Organizer 2.