Structure of folders and files

You can use a computer to view the structure of folders and files of your IC recorder. Connect the IC recorder to the computer and use the Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac) to open “IC RECORDER.” The following illustrates the structure of folders and files:


B: Folder for storing files recorded with your IC recorder

C: Folder containing the Sound Organizer 2 installer file

D: Folder for storing files transferred from the computer

E: Your IC recorder is not capable of detecting any folders and files stored at these folder structure levels.

*1 Files stored in the REC_FILE folder appear in “Recorded Files” while those in the MUSIC folder appear in “ Music.” When transferring a file, make sure you put it either in the REC_FILE folder or in the MUSIC folder.

*2 The folder containing music files will appear with the same name on your IC recorder. It would help you identify folders if you name the folders with easy-to-remember names. The folder names shown in the above illustration are just examples.

*3 Your IC recorder is capable of detecting up to 8 levels of the transferred music folders.


  • Before transferring music files from the computer to your IC recorder, it would be helpful if you registered the music file information, such as titles and artist names, on the computer in advance. Then, you can display the music file information or use it for music file search on the IC recorder.
  • If a music file has no title assigned, it will appear with its file name on your IC recorder.