Parts and controls

IC recorder

  1. Built-in microphones

  2. Operation indicator

  3. Display window

  4. Bluetooth indicator (*1)

  5. USB connector cover

  6. USB/Headphone connector (inside the USB connector cover)

  7. souni_stopSTOP button

  8. HOLD•POWER switch (*2)

  9. REC button

  10. Clip (*3)

*1 The indicator changes in color or flashes to indicate the status of the Bluetooth function or the Bluetooth pairing (device registration).

*2 To restart your IC recorder, slide the HOLD•POWER switch to "POWER" and hold it for 8 seconds or longer. For details, see Restarting the IC recorder.

*3 You can clip your IC recorder onto your clothing, such as the hem of a pocket.

Remote control

  1. /DPC (Digital Pitch Control) button

  2. Built-in antenna (*1)

  3. souni_stopSTOP button

  4. Operation indicator

  5. HOLD switch

  6. (review/fast backward) button

  7. BACK/HOME button (*2)

  8. (play/enter) button (*3)

  9. REC button

  10. (cue/fast forward) button

  11. OPTION button

  12. /  A-B (repeat A-B) button

  13. VOL -/+ (volume -/+) button (*3)

  14. T-MARK (track mark) button

  15. RESET button (*4)

  16. Strap hole (No strap is supplied with your IC recorder.)

  17. Battery tray (*5)

*1 When using the remote control, do not cover the built-in antenna, for example with your hand, so as not to disturb the wireless connection with the IC recorder.

*2 Press this button once to display the previous screen. Press and hold it to display the HOME menu screen.

*3 There is a tactile dot on the (play/enter) button and next to “+” on the VOL -/+ (volume -/+) button.

*4 Press this button if the remote control seems not working.

*5 A button type lithium battery is already installed.