Maximum recording time

The following lists the maximum recording time (*1) (*2) per memory by recording mode (recording scene). The maximum recording time is estimated, provided that all the folders in the memory are used.

Built-in memory

REC Mode (REC Scene) (*3) Maximum recording time
LPCM 44.1kHz/16bit 21 hours 35 minutes
MP3 192kbps


159 hours
MP3 128kbps ((*4)/(*5)) 238 hours
MP3 48kbps(MONO) 636 hours

*1 For details on the battery life, see Battery life.

*2 The maximum recording time in this topic indicates an estimation.

*3 Recording scenes associated with the recording mode by default.

*4 appears on the recording standby screen.

*5 appears on the recording standby screen.