Registering the remote control with the IC recorder

The remote control is already registered with your IC recorder at your purchase. However, you need to register it with the IC recorder once again in certain cases. For example, when the remote control is returned from the repair service, follow the steps below to make device registration.

  1. Make sure that the IC recorder is turned off. On the IC recorder, press and hold souni_stopSTOP (), and then slide the HOLD•POWER switch to “POWER” and hold it for 8 seconds or longer.

    When the display window of the IC recorder turns off, keep holding souni_stopSTOP and take your finger off the HOLD•POWER switch. This restarts the remote control.

  2. When “Power On” appears on the display window of the IC recorder, take your finger off souni_stopSTOP.

    Press Any Button on the Remote Control” appears on the display window of the IC recorder.

  3. Press the RESET button on the back of the remote control, and then press any button on the remote control.

    The operation indicator on the remote control flashes alternately in red and blue and the device registration process starts.

    When the device registration process completes, “Remote Control Registered” appears on the display window of the IC recorder.


  • While the device registration process is in progress, button operations on the remote control are unavailable. Wait until the operation indicator stops flashing, and then operate the remote control.

  • If the remote control does not work, make sure that the remote control is released from the HOLD state.