While playback is in progress

The following describes the display window during playback.


  • The above screens are provided for explanatory purposes. They may look different from what you actually see on your IC recorder.
  1. File information

    Indicates information about the file you are playing.

    Files recorded with your IC recorder are indicated as follows:

    : File name: recording date_recording time.file format (e.g. 171010_1030)

    Music files are indicated as follows:

    : Song title/Artist name

  2. Track mark number

    Indicates the track mark number, if added, of the current playback point.

  3. Play Mode/Playback Range/Clear Voice/DPC indicator

    No indication: Normal (Play Mode)

    : Repeat (Play Mode)

    : 1 File Play (Play Mode)

    : 1 File Repeat (Play Mode)

    : Shuffle (Play Mode)

    : Shuffle Repeat (Play Mode)

    : Selected Range (Playback Range)

    : Clear Voice 1 (Clear Voice)

    : Clear Voice 2 (Clear Voice)

    : DPC (Digital Pitch Control)

  4. File number information

    Indicates the file number of the playing file in the format (current file number)/(total number of files to play).

  5. Playback progress bar

    Indicates how far playback of the file has progressed.

  6. Sleep timer indicator

    Indicates that the sleep timer is set.

  7. Battery indicator

  8. Elapsed time

    Indicates the elapsed time of the current playback.

  9. Playback status indicator

    Indicates the current playback status of your IC recorder.

    : playing

    /: reviewing (fast-rewinding)/cueing (fast-forwarding)

    : on standby