Using the Quick Navi screen

You can press the Fn button on the flash unit to change the settings for photography, such as the selected flash mode, in accordance with the on-screen indications. Select the setting item of your choice and rotate the control wheel to change the setting option.

  1. Press the Fn button.
  2. Select the setting item of your choice with the direction buttons.

    Pressing the center button following the above operation displays the specific screen for setting the selected item.

  3. Rotate the control wheel to change the setting option.

  4. Press the Fn button.

On the Quick Navi screen, you can change the following setting options.

Setting items Descriptions Setting options
Flash mode setting TTL(*)/MANUAL/MULTI/flash off/GROUP
Wireless mode setting


WL OFF(*)/CMD/RCV(radio control)

WL OFF(*)/CTRL/RMT(optical control)


WL OFF(*)/CMD/RCV(radio control)

High-speed sync setting



Flash coverage (zoom) setting

HVL-F60RM/HVL-F60RM2: AUTO(*)/20-200

HVL-F46RM: AUTO(*)/24-105

Calling up pre-registered settings OFF(*)/MR1/MR2
Flash compensation setting -3.0 - +3.0
Flash power level setting

HVL-F60RM/HVL-F60RM2: 1/1 - 1/256, OFF, CMD LINK

HVL-F46RM: 1/1 - 1/128, CMD LINK

Flash frequency setting for MULTI flash mode 1 - 100
Flash count setting for MULTI flash mode 2 - 100, --

CMD flash setting (radio control)

CTRL flash setting (optical control) (HVL-F60RM)

Lighting ratio setting ON/OFF(*)
Flash power level ratio setting OFF/1(*) - 16
Receiver remote setting ON/OFF(*)
Wireless group setting


OFF/A(*)/B/C/D/E(radio control)

RMT(*)/RMT2(optical control)


OFF/A(*)/B/C/D/E(radio control)

* Factory default setting


  • The items and options available for setting vary depending on the flash mode.