Notes on optical wireless flash photography (HVL-F60RM)

  • During wireless flash photography, measurement with a flash meter or a color meter is not available because of the pre-flash of the flash unit.

  • When [AUTO] is selected for the flash coverage (zoom) of this flash unit specified as the remote unit, the flash coverage is automatically set to 20 mm.

  • During photography with off-camera flash units, P-TTL flash metering is automatically used instead of ADI metering.

  • You can concurrently use multiple remote units (off-camera flash units).

  • When the remote units (off-camera flash units) are in MANUAL flash mode, individual units fire with the flash power specified on each unit.

  • All flash units used for wireless flash photography must share the same wireless channel (CH). On this flash unit, you can specify the wireless channel by pressing the MENU button and selecting [CH SET].

  • Consecutively firing multiple times (multiple flash photography) is not available during optical wireless flash photography.