Firing a test-flash

You can fire a test-flash before you start photographing. If you intend to use a flash meter for manual flash photography, be sure to fire a test-flash.

  1. When the TEST button lights in orange (ready to fire), press the TEST button.

Tips on firing a test-flash

  • The flash power for a test-flash depends on the flash power level specified for each flash mode. During TTL flash photography, this flash unit fires at the GN equivalent of 2.

  • With the test-flash function, you can preview how the subject cast shadows (a modeling flash). On this flash unit, you can select [3TIMES] (3 flashes) or [4SEC] (continuous flashes at consistent intervals for 4 seconds) for a modeling flash. To change the test-flash setting on the flash unit, press the MENU button, select [TEST], and then change the setting option.

  • When [1TIME] or [GROUP] is specified for the test-flash setting, you can press and hold the TEST button to fire the specified number of test flashes with the specified flash frequency and power in MULTI flash mode.

  • For radio wireless photography, you can press the test-flash button on the commander unit to force the receiver unit(s) to fire in accordance with the test-flash setting on the commander unit.

  • If this flash unit is specified as the commander unit for radio wireless photography, the TEST button will light in orange when all the flash units, including the receiver units, are ready to fire.