High-speed sync photography <HSS>

High-speed sync photography eliminates the flash sync speed restrictions and enables the flash unit to be used through the entire shutter speed range of the camera. An increase in the selectable aperture range allows flash photography with a wide aperture, leaving the background out of focus and accentuating the front subject. When photographing a scene, where the background is very bright and the photograph is likely to be over-exposed, at a wide f-stop in A or M shooting mode of the camera, you can still adjust the exposure to the proper level by using the high-speed shutter.

A: High-speed sync photography

B: Normal flash photography

  1. Press the Fn button, select [HSS] on the Quick Navi screen, and then select [ON] or [OFF].

Flash sync speed

Flash photography is generally associated with the maximum shutter speed referred to as the flash sync speed. This restriction does not apply to cameras designed for high-speed sync (HSS) photography, since they allow flash photography at the maximum shutter speed of the camera.


  • If you set the shutter speed of the camera faster than 1/4000 and take a photo, bright and dark streaks may appear on the photo.

    It is recommended that you set the flash power level to at least MANUAL 1/2 for photography.

  • The minimum value available for specifying the flash power level varies in accordance with the high-speed sync setting.

    • When [ON] is selected: 1/128

    • When [OFF] is selected: 1/256*

      * For HVL-F46RM, the minimum value is limited to 1/128 when [WL OFF] is selected for wireless mode.