Close-up flash photography <downward bounce flash photography>

When the object is located 0.7 - 1.0 m (2.3 ft. - 3 ft. 3 3/8 in.) away from the camera, you can tilt the flashlamp slightly downward for flash photography to ensure accurate illumination.

  1. Hold the camera firmly and tilt down the flashlamp.

    On the LCD panel,is displayed to indicate bounce flash photography.

    The downward tilt angle is up to -8 °.


  • When you photograph the subject located closer than 0.7 m (2.3 ft.) from the camera, the bottom of the photographed images may appear darker because the flashlamp is not capable of tilting down sufficiently enough to illuminate the subject. For close-up photography, it is recommended that you use an off-camera flash unit, a macro twin flash unit (not supplied), or a ring light (not supplied).

  • HVL-F60RM/HVL-F60RM2: You can tilt down the flashlamp only when it is in the upright position or tilted sideways by 90 ° in either direction.

  • When the physically long lens is used, the flash light may be obstructed by the lens end.