Locating parts and controls (HVL-F46RM)

Flash unit (front side)

  1. Built-in wide panel

  2. Flashlamp

  3. Multi Interface foot

  4. Multi/Micro USB terminal

  5. Bounce sheet

Flash unit (back side)

  1. Bounce indicator (upper/lower angle)

  2. LINK lamp

  3. LCD panel

  4. Operation console

  5. Dust and moisture resistant cover

  6. Lock lever

  7. Release button

  8. Battery chamber door


Illustration of the mini-stand

  1. Shoes for the Multi Interface foot

  2. Tripod attachment hole

Controls on the operation console

  1. Fn button

  2. TEST button

  3. Control wheel

  4. Center button

  5. Direction buttons

  6. Power switch

    By selecting “LOCK,” you can disable the control wheel and the buttons on the flash unit to prevent unintentional operations.

  7. MENU button

About the LCD backlight

Every time you press one of the buttons or use the control wheel on the operation console, the backlight for the LCD panel lights according to the backlight setting. While the backlight is lit, you can keep it lit longer by pressing any button or using the control wheel once again. To change the backlight setting, select [BACKLIGHT] on the MENU screen. You can select one of the following setting options.

When you press one of the buttons or use the control wheel, the backlight for the LCD panel lights for 8 seconds. (factory default setting)
The backlight for the LCD panel stays lit.
The backlight stays unlit.