Registering/calling up a preference <MEMORY>

You can register the mode or a set of values that you frequently use to either [MR1] or [MR2] as a preference and call it up simply by selecting its name.

To register a preference

  1. Set up this flash unit as you want for registering as a preference.
  2. Press the MENU button and select [MEMORY].

  3. Select the preference name of your choice ([MR1] or [MR2]).

To call up a preference

Press the Fn button, select the setting item for preferences call-up, and then select the preference name of your choice ([MR1] or [MR2]).


  • To change the preference properties, call up a preference, change the setups of this flash unit, and then register the setups with [MEMORY] on the MENU screen once again.

  • When you do not intend to use the registered preferences, select [OFF] in the procedure for registering the preference.


  • While the preference is in effect, [RESET] on the MENU screen is disabled.