About Scene Recognition

Scene Recognition operates in [Intelligent Auto] mode and [Superior Auto] mode.

This function allows the product to automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot the image.

Scene Recognition

When the product recognizes certain scenes, the following icons and guides are displayed on the first line:

  • (Portrait)
  • (Infant)
  • (Night Portrait)
  • (Night Scene)
  • (Backlight Portrait)
  • (Backlight)
  • (Landscape)
  • (Macro)
  • (Spotlight)
  • (Low Light)
  • (Night Scene using a tripod)
  • (Hand-held Twilight)

Image processing

[Cont. Shooting]/[Slow Sync.]/[Auto HDR]/[Daylight Sync.]/[Slow Shutter]/[Hand-held Twilight]