How to use the keyboard

When manual character entry is required, a keyboard is displayed on the screen.

Move the cursor on desired key using the control wheel, then press the center to enter.

  1. Input box
    The characters you entered are displayed.
  2. Switch character types
    Each time you press this key, the character type will switch between alphabet letters, numerals and symbols.
  3. Keyboard
    Each time you press this key, the characters corresponding to that key will be displayed one-by-one in order.

    For example: If you want to enter “abd”

    Press the key for “abc” once to display “a” → select “”((5) Move cursor) and press the key for “abc” twice to display “b” → press the key for “def” once to display “d.”

  4. Finalize
    Finalizes the entered characters.
  5. Move cursor
    Moves the cursor in the input box to the right or left.
  6. Delete
    Deletes the character preceding the cursor.

  7. Switches the next character to a capital or lowercase letter.

  8. Enters a space.
  • To cancel input, select [Cancel].