Creating DVD discs from standard image quality movies

You can create DVD discs that can be played back on ordinary DVD playback devices (DVD players, computers that can play back DVD discs, etc.).

A. How to create using a computer

With a Windows computer, you can copy movies imported to the computer and create DVD disc using PlayMemories Home.
Your computer must be able to create DVD discs.
When you create a DVD disc for the first time, connect your camera to the computer using a USB cable. Install the dedicated add-on software following the on-screen instructions. (An internet connection is needed.)

For details on how to create a disc using PlayMemories Home, refer to the Help for PlayMemories Home.

B. How to create using a device other than a computer

You can also create DVD discs using a Blu-ray recorder, HDD recorder, etc.
For details, refer to the device's operating instructions.