ISO Setting: ISO

Sensitivity to light is expressed by the ISO number (recommended exposure index). The larger the number, the higher the sensitivity.

  1. ISO (ISO) on the control wheel → select desired setting.
    • You can also select MENU (Camera Settings1) → [ISO Setting][ISO].
    • You can change the value by 1/3 EV steps by turning the control wheel. You can change the value by 1 EV steps by turning the control dial.

Menu item details

Multi Frame NR:
Combines continuous shots to create an image with less noise. Press the right side to display the setting screen, then select a desired value using the top/bottom sides of the control wheel.
Select the desired ISO number from ISO AUTO or ISO 100 – ISO 102400.
Sets the ISO sensitivity automatically.
ISO 100 – ISO 102400:
Sets the ISO sensitivity manually. Selecting a larger number increases the ISO sensitivity.


  • You can change the range of ISO sensitivity that is set automatically in [ISO AUTO] mode. Select [ISO AUTO] and press the right side of the control wheel, and set the desired values for [ISO AUTO Maximum] and [ISO AUTO Minimum]. The values are also applied when shooting in [ISO AUTO] mode under [Multi Frame NR].
  • You can set the effect level for noise reduction by selecting [NR Effect] under [Multi Frame NR].


  • When [File Format] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG], [Multi Frame NR] cannot be selected.
  • When [Multi Frame NR] is selected, the flash, [D-Range Optimizer], or [Auto HDR] cannot be used.
  • When [Picture Profile] is set to other than [Off], [Multi Frame NR] cannot be selected.
  • When [Picture Effect] is set to other than [Off], [Multi Frame NR] cannot be selected.
  • [ISO AUTO] is selected when using the following functions:
    • [Intelligent Auto]
    • [Superior Auto]
    • [Scene Selection]
    • [Sweep Panorama]
  • The higher the ISO value, the more noise will appear on the images.
  • The available ISO settings will differ depending on whether you are shooting still images, shooting movies, or shooting slow-motion/quick-motion movies.
  • When shooting movies, ISO values between 100 and 32000 are available. If the ISO value is set to a value larger than 32000, the setting is automatically switched to 32000. When you finish recording the movie, the ISO value returns to the original setting.
  • The available range for ISO sensitivity varies depending on the setting for [Gamma] under [Picture Profile].
  • When you use [Multi Frame NR], it takes some time for the product to perform the overlay processing of images.
  • When you select [ISO AUTO] with the shooting mode set to [P], [A], [S] or [M], the ISO sensitivity will be automatically adjusted within the set range.