HDMI Settings: REC Control (movie)

If you connect the camera to an external recorder/player, you can remotely command the recorder/player to start/stop recording using the camera.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [HDMI Settings][REC Control] → desired setting.

Menu item details

The camera can send a recording command to an external recorder/player.
The camera is sending a recording command to an external recorder/player.
The camera is not able to send a command to an external recorder/player to start/stop recording.


  • Available for external recorders/players compatible with [REC Control].
  • When you use the [REC Control] function, set the shooting mode to (Movie).
  • When [TC Output] is set to [Off], you cannot use the [REC Control] function.
  • Even when is displayed, the external recorder/player may not work properly depending on the settings or status of the recorder/player. Check if the external recorder/player works properly before use.