S&Q Settings

You can record a moment that cannot be captured by the naked eye (slow-motion recording), or record a long-term phenomenon into a compressed movie (quick-motion recording). For example, you can record an intense sports scene, the moment when a bird starts to fly, a blooming flower, and a changing view of clouds or a starry sky. Sound will not be recorded.

  1. Set the mode dial to (S&Q Motion).
  2. Select MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Exposure Mode] → and select the desired setting of slow-motion/quick-motion ( Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or Manual Exposure).
  3. Select MENU →(Camera Settings2) → [S&Q Settings] and select the desired settings for [Record Setting] and [Frame Rate].
  4. Press the MOVIE (movie) button to start recording.
    • Press the MOVIE button again to stop recording.

Menu item details

Record Setting:
Selects the frame rate of the movie.
Frame Rate:
Selects the shooting frame rate.

Playback speed

The playback speed will vary as below depending on the assigned [Record Setting] and [Frame Rate].

When [NTSC/PAL Selector] is set to NTSC

Frame Rate Record Setting
24p 30p 60p
120fps 5 times slower 4 times slower -
60fps 2.5 times slower 2 times slower Normal playback speed
30fps 1.25 times slower Normal playback speed 2 times quick
15fps 1.6 times quick 2 times quick 4 times quick
8fps 3 times quick 3.75 times quick 7.5 times quick
4fps 6 times quick 7.5 times quick 15 times quick
2fps 12 times quick 15 times quick 30 times quick
1fps 24 times quick 30 times quick 60 times quick

When [NTSC/PAL Selector] is set to PAL

Frame Rate Record Setting
25p 50p
100fps 4 times slower -
50fps 2 times slower Normal playback speed
25fps Normal playback speed 2 times quick
12fps 2.08 times quick 4.16 times quick
6fps 4.16 times quick 8.3 times quick
3fps 8.3 times quick 16.6 times quick
2fps 12.5 times quick 25 times quick
1fps 25 times quick 50 times quick
  • When [Frame Rate] is set to [120fps]/[100fps], you cannot set [Record Setting] to [60p]/[50p].


  • In slow-motion recording, the shutter speed becomes faster and you may not be able to obtain the proper exposure. If this happens, decrease the aperture value or adjust the ISO sensitivity to a higher value.
  • For an estimation of recordable time, refer to “Recordable movie times.”
  • The bit-rate of a recorded movie varies depending on the settings for [Frame Rate] and [Record Setting].
  • The movie will be recorded in XAVC S HD format.
  • During slow-motion/quick-motion recording, the following functions are not available.
    • [TC Run] under [TC/UB Settings]
    • [TC Output] under [HDMI Settings]
    • [4K Output Select]