Changing the function of the dial temporarily (My Dial Settings)

You can assign the desired functions to the control dial and the control wheel, and register up to three combinations of settings as “My Dial” settings. You can quickly recall or switch registered “My Dial” settings by pressing the custom key you assigned in advance.

Registering functions to “My Dial”

Register the functions that you want to assign to the control dial and the control wheel as [My Dial 1] through [My Dial 3].

  1. MENU →(Camera Settings2) → [My Dial Settings].
  2. Select a dial or wheel for (My Dial 1), and press the center of the control wheel.
  3. Select the desired function to assign using the top/bottom/left/right sides of the control wheel, and then press the center of the control wheel.

    • Select “--” (Not set) for a dial or wheel to which you do not want to assign any function.
  4. After you select functions for all of the dials and the wheel in (My Dial 1) by repeating Steps 2 and 3, select [OK].

    The settings for (My Dial 1) will be registered.

    • If you want to register (My Dial 2) and (My Dial 3) as well, follow the same procedure as described above.

Assigning a key to recall “My Dial”

Assign a custom key to recall the registered “My Dial” settings.

  1. MENU →(Camera Settings2) → [Custom Key] or [Custom Key] → Select the key that you want to use to recall “My Dial.”
  2. Select the number of the “My Dial” setting that you want to recall or the pattern for switching “My Dial.”

Menu item details

My Dial 1 during Hold /My Dial 2 during Hold/My Dial 3 during Hold:
While you hold down the key, the functions that you registered in [My Dial Settings] are assigned to the dial/wheel.
My Dial 1→2→3 :
Each time you press the key, the function changes in the following sequence: “Normal function → Function of My Dial 1 → Function of My Dial 2 → Function of My Dial 3 → Normal function.”
Toggle My Dial 1 /Toggle My Dial 2/Toggle My Dial 3:
The function registered using [My Dial Settings] is maintained even if you do not hold down the key. Press the key again to return to the normal function.

Shooting while switching “My Dial”

During shooting, you can recall “My Dial” using the custom key, and shoot as you change the shooting setting by turning the control dial/control wheel.

In the following example, the functions listed below are registered to "My Dial," and [My Dial 1→2→3] is assigned to the C1 (Custom 1) button.

My Dial 1 My Dial 2 My Dial 3
Control wheel ISO Tv Creative Style
Control dial Av White Balance Picture Effect
  1. Press the C1 (Custom1) button.

    The functions registered to [My Dial 1] will be assigned to the control wheel/control dial.

    • The icons shown below are displayed in the lower part of the screen.

  2. Turn the control wheel to set the ISO value, and turn the control dial to set the aperture value.
  3. Press the C1 button again.

    The functions registered to [My Dial 2] will be assigned to the control wheel/control dial.

  4. Turn the control wheel to set the shutter speed, and turn the control dial to set [White Balance].
  5. Press the C1 button again, and change the setting values for the functions registered to [My Dial 3].
  6. Press the shutter button to shoot.


  • “My Dial” settings in which every dial/wheel is set to [Not set] are not recalled when you press the custom key. They are also skipped in [My Dial 1→2→3].
  • Even if a dial/wheel has been locked using the [Dial / Wheel Lock] function, it will be unlocked temporarily when “My Dial” is recalled.