FEL lock

The flash level is automatically adjusted so that the subject gets the optimum exposure during normal flash shooting. You can also set the flash level in advance.
FEL: Flash Exposure Level

  1. MENU (Camera Settings2) → [Custom Key] → desired button, then assign the [FEL Lock toggle] function to the button.
  2. Center the subject on which FEL is to be locked, and adjust the focus.

  3. Press the button to which [FEL Lock toggle] is registered, and set the flash amount.
    • A pre-flash flashes.
    • The (FEL lock) lights up.
  4. Adjust the composition and shoot the image.

    • When you want to release the FEL lock, press the button to which the [FEL Lock toggle] is registered again.


  • By setting [FEL Lock hold], you can hold the setting while the button is pressed down. Also, by setting [FEL Lock/AEL hold] and [FEL Lock/AEL tggle.], you can shoot images with the AE locked in the following situations.
    • When [Flash Mode] is set to [Flash Off] or [Autoflash].
    • When the flash cannot go off.


  • If a flash that does not support the FEL lock is attached, an error message is displayed.
  • When both AE and FEL lock are fixed, lights up.