PlayMemories Home

With PlayMemories Home, you can do the following:

  • You can import images shot with this product to your computer.
  • You can play back the images imported to your computer.
  • You can share your images using PlayMemories Online.
  • You can edit movies such as by cutting or merging.
  • You can add various effects such as BGM and subtitles to movies.

Also for Windows, you can do the following:

  • You can organize images on the computer on a calendar by shooting date to view them.
  • You can edit and correct images, such as by trimming and resizing.
  • You can create a disc from movies imported to a computer.
    Blu-ray discs or AVCHD discs can be created from XAVC S-format movies.
  • You can upload images to a network service. (An Internet connection is required.)
  • For other details, please refer to the Help of PlayMemories Home.


  • If you have set the region of your computer to or are using your computer in the People’s Republic of China, “Map View” in PlayMemories Home may be fully or partially unavailable.