View on TV

You can view images on a network-enabled TV by transferring them from the product without connecting the product and TV with a cable. For some TVs, you may need to perform operations on the TV. For details, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the TV.

  1. MENU(Network) → [View on TV] → desired device to be connected.
  2. When you want to play back images using slideshow, press the center of the control wheel.

    • To display the next/previous image manually, press the right/left sides of the control wheel.
    • To change the device to be connected, press the down side of the control wheel, then select [Device list].

Slideshow settings

You can change the slideshow settings by pressing the down side of the control wheel.

Playback Selection:
Selects the group of images to be shown.

Folder View(Still):
Selects from [All] and [All in Folder].

Date View:
Selects from [All] and [All in Date Rng.].

Selects from [Short] and [Long].

Selects from [On] and [Off].

Playback Image Size:
Selects from [HD] and [4K].

*The settings are effective only for BRAVIA TV which is compatible with the functions.


  • You can use this function on a TV that supports DLNA renderer.
  • You can view images on a Wi-Fi Direct-enabled TV or network-enabled TV (including wired network-enabled TVs).
  • If you connect TV and this product and do not use Wi-Fi Direct, you need to register your access point first.
  • Displaying the images on the TV may take time.
  • Movies cannot be shown on a TV via Wi-Fi. Use an HDMI cable (sold separately).